At Sweet Petite our goal is to surpass both your expectations and to wow your guests. For an accurate quotation please email us at with the following details:

1)      Date of your event
2)      Will you require delivery? If yes, please provide address.
3)      How many guests are you serving?
4)      Do you have a particular vision for your cake or party décor you are trying to coordinate with? If yes,   please provide pictures where possible.
5)      What flavors cake would you like- Please view our flavor guide for ideas

Prices will vary based on many factors such as complexity of the design, adding handcrafted characters or flowers and premium flavor choices.

Special occasion cakes start at $100
Sculpted cakes start at $150
¼ Sheet cakes start at $90
½ Sheet cakes start at $150

Handcrafted Fondant Characters
Start at $15 per a character

Regular $3- minimum order of 12
Mini $1.25- minimum order of 24

Fondant toppers for cupcakes start at .50 each

Cookies- Minimum order of 24
Prices vary depending on design complexity and size of cookie.
Custom Sugar Cookies $3
Number Sugar Cookies $2.50
Photo/Logo Cookies $2.50

Cookies can be individually wrapped for an additional .25 per a package.

Edible Image Printing
Now you can create your own works of edible art. Have a special project you are working on? Order your edible images from Sweet Petite!

8.5×10.5 Premium Edible Image Sheets- $12 per a sheet.
Graphic Design Help- $18 per an hour.